How to Market Yourself as an Expert Clinical Dietitian

How to Market Yourself as an Expert Clinical Dietitian

In the niche industry of nutrition care, branding yourself as an expert clinical dietitian can land you the job of your dreams. As easy as this sounds, it requires a good amount of strategic planning and dedicated effort. Marketing yourself as an expert is equivalent to developing your own personal brand and creating a reputation for yourself among experts and the public. So how do go about marketing yourself as an expert? Here are a few ways to do so.

  1. Begin a Professional Blog

Thanks to the Internet, anyone from anywhere on the globe can access as well as create all kinds of information. From medical websites to well-being blogs, from online publications to popular magazines, there is information overload about topics related to weight loss, weight gain, diabetic meal plans, diets and everything else related to nutrition care.

It is safe to assume that only 2/10 articles online provide authentic, expert information - the rest is mumbo jumbo refined. This is a huge opportunity for clinical dietitians to explore. People are craving for scientific, research-backed, expert content and they don’t seem to easily get it. If you’re an expert, you can write authentic content on popular nutrition topics that people are eager to read, and even implement in their lives.

With a professional and regularly updated blog, you not only attract readers, but also recruiters and organizations that are on the hunt for clinical dietitians. Someone with an active blog and hundreds of followers is a goldmine for most organizations. So if you haven’t yet started your blog, start now!

2. Write for Online Publications

While your blog may be an informal portal for information related to the industry, online publications are your scientific studies shared with the world of academics and co-experts. Carry out peer reviews, conduct scientific research, write your papers, co-write other papers and create a name for yourself in the closed circle of clinical experts. With the blog you get views from the lay public, with publications, you get critical exposure - both of which would work tremendously in your favor.

3. Launch Workshops, Webinars and Conferences

If you want word of mouth marketing, networking and a branding opportunity all in one, then nothing works better than hosting workshops, webinars and conferences. Webinars are a good option if you want to have a more global or broader outreach. In fact, for many experts who have an online presence, conducting webinars have proven to be extremely helpful in networking and in sharing knowledge across the globe. On the other hand, workshops and conferences can serve your local audience in a much better way. The best way to go about this is to identify the audience you want to target, know what kind of information they want to obtain and how you can prepare a useful session. One or two workshops/conferences in a year is a great way to market yourself, get exposure and create an edge over your competitors.

4. Publish e-books on a Popular Topic

Short e-books are a great way to showcase your authority, build an audience and highlight as a portfolio item. Not only does it validate your level as an expert but also helps you establish a professional reputation. Secondly, e-books can also work as a great way to earn passive income if you’ve got subscribers and followers ready to download your work.

5. Get Featured on Authority Sites

Features on authority publications online are one of the most effective way to market yourself as an expert clinical dietitian. Popular news article sites like Huffington Post, New York Times etc are hard to crack, but if you have an established reputation, a great pitch for a topic, and excellent writing skills, you will be read by thousands of people. An article on an authority site immediately sets you apart from the rest and if you have regular content to post, you’ll be an expert on the topic for that particular site.

Remember that while most people claim to be experts, it is only the doers, the go getters and the ones that market themselves well are believed as experts. So if you want to be considered as a competitive and expert dietitian, it's time to begin your journey of personal branding.


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