Case Study: Finding Quality Dietitian Candidates

Case Study: Finding Quality Dietitian Candidates

It was a frustrating experience for Janet, the recruitment executive of a local healthcare facility. The clinical team in her organization had a dire need for a qualified and experienced dietitian to kickstart their nutrition care program. Plenty of interviews and months of assessments later, Janet still could not find the right candidate. The problem? Janet was not equipped with the knowledge to analyze the competency, qualifications and job requirement of a clinical dietitian. Janet had never recruited clinical dietitians before and this was a challenge that she had to overcome fast.

The CLIENT'S Problem

It is not uncommon for HR managers to be unfamiliar with the technicalities of dietitian job requirements or dietitian hiring. Most recruiters like Janet, are not equipped with the right skill set to judge the profile and competency of a dietitian and end up making the wrong hire. Had Janet not approached Dietitian Careers to help her out with hiring c registered dietitians, she would have hired the wrong candidate. When we assessed the situation, it was discovered that Janet had a vague and generalized job description that seemed to attract general nutritionists instead of qualified clinical dietitians. To help her out, we identified the need of her organization by asking a few general questions as:

  • Why did the organization need a clinical dietitian?

  • What were the objectives of the proposed nutrition program? What skills, experience level and qualifications would the candidate require?


How We Helped Janet

We helped Janet by providing her with the profiles of the right candidates after reassessing her organization’s needs and understanding the kind of candidate they were looking for. Janet’s organization was a local healthcare facility and they were initiating their nutrition care program.  This meant that they needed a senior professional who could lay out a process of nutrition care, tailored to the facility’s objectives and goals. It was also identified that the resource would be a core member of the institute’s clinical team and would work in coordination with the team to assess, diagnose and prevent diseases. They would also be coordinating the on a patient’s recovery program which would involve creating custom plans according to the medical history of each patient.

Keeping all this in mind , we helped Janet draft a specific and detailed job description, sourced relevant experienced profiles from our pool of experts and sent them over to Janet for their interviews. Within two days, Janet was able to welcome on board an experienced clinical dietitian with 10 years of experience in creating and implementing  nutrition care processes for small and large healthcare organizations. 

Here’s How We Can Help With Your Next Dietitian Hire:

Identifying Your Needs and Filling Recruitment Gaps

You can only hire the right candidate when your organization has a clear scope of the role to be filled, which needs to be aligned with the organization’s objectives and goals. When organizations approach us for hiring help, we  thoroughly evaluate the needs of the organization and help them to fulfill those needs by aligning them with the right candidate. It is imperative to ensure that the organization knows why it needs a dietitian and what they ultimately expect to achieve from bringing a clinical dietitian on board.

Helping TO Identify the Right Dietitian NEEDED

Most clinical dietitians prefer to narrow their scope and specialize in nutrition care for people suffering from specific diseases as obesity, diabetes, eating  disorders and so forth. Depending on the particular role you are looking to fill, you may need to hire a dietitian with additional specialization. Often times hiring managers and recruiters confuse the term Dietitians and Nutritionists.   Nutritionists do not hold the medical knowledge or skill set to assess, diagnose or prevent diseases. Someone bearing the title ‘nutritionist’ is not legally qualified to provide medical nutrition therapy, nutrition diagnosis and individualized nutrition plans.  Although the terms Dietitian and Nutritionists are used interchangeably, Dietitians are first and foremost the nutrition experts. The term ‘nutritionist’ is not board certified or legally backed, and individuals with this qualification do not come close to having the level of training and expertise as Registered Dietitians.These are important factors to consider when hiring a dietitian and recruiters like Janet, who are not aware of these technicalities may end up hiring an unqualified candidate.

Sourcing QUALITY Candidates from Our Arsenal of Experts

Over the years, we have accumulated the most valuable clinical dietitian profiles to help hospitals, clinics, educational institutions,  and a variety of health care facilities find the most suitable candidates. Our pool of candidates include both global and local experts who we proudly consider the top 1% in the field. We take care to ensure each of our clients get the best fit for their organization.

Thoroughly Vetted Candidates Saving Clients Recruitment Hassles

Recruiters often have problems vetting candidates and verifying credentials. With Dietitian Careers, you don’t have to worry about vetting procedures as all of  our candidates are thoroughly vetted before they are allowed into our pool. One of our unique vetting procedures include the successful completion of a clinical dietitian competency test, before any dietitians are considered for any positions in a clinical setting.  With close to a 1000 placements ( and counting) both globally and locally, we have happy clients who know that we are the go-to recruitment firm for a great dietitian hire.

Hiring a dietitian requires a clear understanding of the job role and the ability to choose the right candidate for the right job and the right organization. Due to f the niche nature of this job,  it is imperative you work with expert recruiters to find you the right fit hat not only meets all your legal criteria, but also has the professional expertise to bring value to your organization. At Dietitian Careers, we take care of all your hiring needs, and we have happy clients and happy candidates to show for our excellent track record.

What are you waiting for? Let’s help you find  the perfect match. Contact us to learn more.

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